Green Mountain Coffee

Fair trade is new to me, so when I was allowed in the Green Mountain Coffee bzz campaign I was so excited. Green Mountain is the largest purchaser of Fair Trade Certified coffee, Green Mountain Roasters, Inc. knows the quality is second to none. That’s why they offer a wide selection of Fair Trade coffees, including brand-new Three Continent Blend, which combines the flavors and aromas of South America, Africa, and Asia into one harmonious Extra Bold Blend. I told them I got the Extra Bold Blend from bzzagent and it FINALLY got chilly here in the TX morning and it was amazing to have an excellent cup of coffee in the morning.

It has a rich taste without being obnoxiously heavy and leaves no bitter aftertaste in your mouth. I will definitely be buying this coffee in the future.

For my readers, here are some special coupon codes to buy this online: FTBZZ-WKDVN4H, FTBZZ-WKDW386, FTBZZ-WKFMV8H, FTBZZ-WKGBKD5, FTBZZ-WKGDVDQ, these are 1 time use for $2 off. Enjoy!

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