Dr, Scholl’s Active Series Insoles

These insoles are great. I usually buy another style of Dr. Scholl’s and replace them a few times a year. They are okay and do the job, but I find my feet still hurting after a long day of working and/or working out.
These insoles are a gift from the Heaven. They have more arch support, (which I need because I have high arches) and heel support than standard Dr. Scholl’s. I like them so much that I have bought a total of 2 pairs. I got one pair free from Influenster to try out, so shout out to #influentervox for letting me try them! They are great for running shoes, work shoes, and street shoes…hence why I wanted 3 pairs. 😉
When I was buying a new pair of running shoes, the sales associate asked me to try on a pair of their brand of insoles because they claimed they gave more comfort and support than my Dr. Scholl’s. I tried them on and I tried not to laugh. Dr. Scholl’s active are the best out there that I have seen. Get some for all of your shoes. You won’t be disappointed! Your feet will thank you. PS. They also feel nice and fit nicely in ‘regular shoes’, like my Toms. I wear an 11 and they are a little narrow, but that doesn’t seem to bother me. I have a little wider foot, so be mindful of that if you are exceptionally wide width, you might want to get you some for men.