Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Well, success! I had gotten chosen to receive the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Vox Box from Influenster. I was super excited to try this product. The claims were that your legs would look smoother and that imperfections would be hidden. Well, if you have ever used a primer for your face, this is the same concept, but tinted. I didn’t care for the tinted color, see, my legs are really pale, even though I’m in the sun a lot. I had to make sure I blended it in by my feet and ankles so that the color would match. It is very light, and very easy to blend, so that wasn’t that big of a deal. I noticed a slight difference in the smooth appearance of my legs after using this. I don’t have veins, or scars, so I don’t know about that, but they did appear to look smoother and softer.

I am glad I got to try this. I wouldn’t buy it. It just wasn’t for me. I’m in my 30s. Perhaps back in my 20s I would have spent money on this, but, I’m good with shaving and lotion.


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