To Heaven and Back

This story has revived me into the consciousness of God’s Presence, Love and Faith. An understanding of God’s promises and forgiveness. Of His endless and continue love and grace, even when we fail Him, ourselves and others. The remaining faithfulness of God in the midst of tragic events in our lives. The miracles and coincidences of God in our lives. The unknown of the future and the faith in God’s holding arms to rescue us and protects us in the midst of accidents, doubts and our surroundings. The joy of His Presence and the sense of gratitude is something we can’t afford to lose, not only when everything is going good but during difficult times. The story of seeing Heaven and the host of witnesses during her death comforted me and made me so joyful that is hard to explain. It is something so true and believable, that only by reading this book I can feel the greatest presence of God all around me. My heart leaps of Joy and wants to sing! And the calling of God… is without repentance!
Thank you Dr. Mary Neal for sharing your amazing story!