Hershey Chocolate Spreads

I received a sample of this from Crowdtap thinking it was Hershey’s venture into the “Nutella knockoff” business. I also noticed a lack of any hazelnuts on the ingredient list which left me wondering what to expect with the flavor. Although Hershey’s does make a hazelnut, which intend to buy.

When I opened the container I detected no smell at all. I was expecting a chocolate smell but after taking a couple whiffs of the jar, there wasn’t anything I but chocolate. Thankfully this changed when I put my spoon in for the first bite.

My first impressions of this reminded me of the flavor of dry Hot Cocoa mix. If you’ve ever emptied a packet of Hot Cocoa mix into your mouth, than that is exactly what this tastes like and it’s darn good. The flavor is sweet but not overly sweet and the Hot Cocoa flavor lingers for a few seconds after I swallowed the rest of my bite. There is no aftertaste which is a pleasant surprise after I tried Wal-Mart’s attempt at a Nutella knockoff and got a heavy dose of “too much oil” flavor on the end.

If you’re looking for that Hot Cocoa mix flavor and want to spread it on toast, pretzels, cookies, or just eat it out of the jar like I do, than this is a great option.