Pure Madness Chocolate

This just might be the most delicious (no pun intended, haha) BZZAGENT campaign I’ve ever been a part of. I received a box of 9 gourmet Belgian truffles and a huge milk chocolate and smoked almond candy bar. This is no ordinary chocolate. This is extra special chocolate. The kind that you might hide in the closet and eat by yourself so your food grabbing toddler and chow hound hubby will keep their sticky fingers off of. Not that I did that. Eh-hmmm. Anyway, the truffles come in delicious flavors, my box consisted of Classic,Chili Lime,Vanilla, Sea Salt Caramel, Hazelnut, Raspberry, Rum Raisin, Espresso and Dark Classic.

I indulged in each one letting myself take a chocolate vacation in my mind. The ONLY one I’d ever pass on again would be the rum raisin, just not my thing. I surprised myself by falling in love with the Chili Lime truffle. Sweet rich chocolate, then BAM! HEAT and back to sweet again. It was uhhhh-mazing.

I also got to try the Smoky Almond Milke Chocolate Bar. This was so creamy and smooth yet robust at the same time. I won’t lie, I ate the whole giant bar in one sitting. HA. Junkie.

I am thankful that I have been introduced to this treasure. #gotitfree. I suggest you go get some right away! They even sell hot chocolate mix, now THAT I’ve got to try. I know I won’t be disappointed.



One thought on “Pure Madness Chocolate

  1. Such a chocolate addict!! Had a 15% off coupon and used one for myself. I can NOT get enough of the sea salt caramel and want a box of just those. But then I think, well, just one more chili lime or chocolate hazelnut. I’m a mess over these treats. I can not take it. I NEED to have them all.

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